"No matter what we breed we still are made of greed.

This is my kingdom come

Don't get too close, It's dark inside.

It's where my demons hide."

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AU: Flesh

Flesh, the shiny and new night club that everyone wanted to atend to, everyone but Loki. The new bartender that escaped from his home on England and now had no other option but to serve drinks on unholy hours of the night for a low salary, but once in a while one rich and with some luck, not so ugly man came to him… and that is when his other job started.

Loki was not a hooker or a prostitute, he liked to think that he sold pleasure  to a select group of men, ocassionaly women too.
Contrary to popular believe, he was not someone that you would find on the streets, but someone who picked his customers carefully. 
He decides when you will meet him, where and how much will you pay. And if you don’t catch his attention…well, forget the idea of him calling you back.

That night, with the clock pointing 1 am, the attention of the bartender was caught by someone…an elegant, clearly rich man in company of a group of business man that patted his back trying to make him drink the full bottle so close to Loki that he couldn’t help to move closer and lean against the bar counter. -“Anything I can do for you?”

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    [[MORE]] His body was already a mess, so when Anthony, his owner, cum inside of him Loki could barely keep moving. So...
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    [[MORE]] Anthony nibbled at his lips, and neck, both of theirs mouths were now red with Loki’s blood, he smirked, the...
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